Our Owner Financing Program


Welcome to Our Houston Houses.  We specialize in providing Owner Financing to individuals who are looking to become a home owner but can’t or don’t want to obtain a traditional mortgage.


We have a few different options for you when concerning how long you’d like us to finance you.  We have options for short- and long-term financing.


What does Owner Financing Mean?


This means that you (the buyer) have made an agreement to purchase the property by making monthly payments over time at a specific interest rate.  Most individuals choose to make payments over a 30-year time frame however, there are shorter terms available.


Benefits of Owner Financing:

  • You don’t have to qualify for a loan from a bank
  • Ownership immediately
  • Typically, a smaller down payment is needed
  • Tax Benefits
  • Easy Approval
  • Each month you make a payment it reduces the overall amount you owe!
  • You can take out a new loan at any time without penalty
  • It’s your home!! You can remodel it any way you’d like!
  • No Pet deposits!


As you can see, there are HUGE benefits from owner financing and we can offer this to you on all of our homes.  It’s really easy to get started.  Simply call 281-203-0032 for further information and to view any of our homes.